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Going Dark: UK Edition

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Going Dark - United Kingdom editionFor those readers in the United Kingdom, the ebook edition of Going Dark is now available from Amazon UK. Find it here.

As I’ve mentioned before, when I sold The Red Trilogy to Saga Press, I was able to retain the right to publish the books separately in the United Kingdom, and I’m doing so under my own publishing imprint, Mythic Island Press LLC, though I’m only publishing the ebook edition, at least for now.

You’ll find the United Kingdom editions of The Red and The Trials at Kobo Books as well at Amazon. Right now Going Dark is only at Amazon UK, but it will eventually be available at Kobo too.

Amazon links:
The Red: First Light
The Trials

Kobo links:
The Red: First Light
The Trials


Going Dark is Now Available

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015




“No Real Allies, No Fixed Enemies, No Certain Battlefields”

Presumed dead by those closest to him and with no intention of setting the record straight, former army Lt. James Shelley is recruited by a black ops outfit devoted to two things: guarding the Earth from existential threats, and the Red.

Operating for almost two years among soldiers who are enhanced, and controlled, just as he is, Shelley believes he’s learned a proper caution in working with the mysterious artificial intelligence—until the Red’s increasingly erratic behavior ignites an accidental war, and launches Shelley on a collision course with his old life.

In the final book of The Red Trilogy, Shelley must choose who—or what—to trust, while struggling to contain an escalating conflict that threatens to plunge the world into chaos, and destroy those he loves.

Some online booksellers (USA):
☆ Amazon
☆ Barnes & Noble
☆ Powell’s Books
☆ Mysterious Galaxy
☆ Tattered Cover

Or get the audio book, narrated by Kevin T. Collins, and available worldwide from Audible:
☆ Audible

Information on the United Kingdom ebook edition is here.

Book 3: Going Dark

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

Oh. Hey. TWO WEEKS UNTIL GOING DARK IS RELEASED. Be sure to sign up for my New Books/Newsletter in the right column, and I’ll send you an email when it’s available.


Edit: And a couple of hours after I posted this, UPS dropped off advance copies, one each of the mass-market paperback and the hardcover. Just like the first two books of the trilogy, Going Dark will be published simultaneously by Saga Press in mass-market paperback, hardcover, and ebook, with an audio book by Audible. All are due out on November 3.mm_hc_going_dark-for_blog

United Kingdom Ebooks

Monday, September 7th, 2015

TRFL_v2_250x386When I sold The Red Trilogy to Saga Press, I was able to retain the right to publish the books separately in the United Kingdom. I’m doing so under my own publishing imprint, Mythic Island Press LLC.

What does this mean for readers in the UK? It means you’ll get an ebook with the text formatted by me, and cover art that’s different from the American edition. Be assured though, that the stories are the same.

For now, I’m only doing ebook editions of the trilogy.

The ebook of The Red: First Light has already been available in the UK for around a month. It has the same cover as the original Mythic Island Press edition, but the text is revised from the original, making it the same as the Saga Press edition.

I’m very pleased to announce that The Trials is now available as well!

The Trials - Mythic Island Press LLC editionYou can find both ebooks at Amazon UK.

The Red: First Light is also available through Kobo to residents of Great Britain, Ireland, and New Zealand. The Trials will also soon be available at Kobo, hopefully within a week.

Amazon links:
The Red: First Light
The Trials

Kobo links:
The Red: First Light
The Trials

One Month

Saturday, July 18th, 2015

One month until The Trials publishes!

The Trials - Saga Press edition

The Trials is book 2 of The Red Trilogy and it’s due to publish on August 18. For those of you who read the self-published edition of The Red, it’s been a long wait. Thank you for sticking with me. I think you’ll find there’s a lot going on in book 2, and I hope it’s to your liking.

The Trials is available for preorder from most retailers, in simultaneous hardcover, paperback, and ebook editions, and there will also be an audiobook. So you can pick your favorite format.

I’ve seen no reviews yet. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Here’s the back-cover copy:

“No Way Out But Forward”

Lieutenant James Shelley and his squad of US Army soldiers were on a quest for justice when they carried out the unauthorized mission known as First Light. They returned home to America to face a court-martial, determined to expose the corruption in the chain of command that compelled their actions. But in a country still reeling from the nuclear terrorism of Coma Day, the courtroom is just one battlefield of many.

A new cycle of violence ignites when rumors of the elusive, rogue AI known as the Red go public and Shelley is, once again, pulled into the fray. Challenged by his enemies, driven by ideals, Shelley feels compelled to act. But are the harrowing choices he makes really his own, or are they made for him, by the Red? And with millions of lives at stake in a game of nuclear cat-and-mouse, does the answer even matter?

Order from your local bookstore, or find it online. Here are links to some US retailers:

Barnes & Noble
Powell’s Books
Mysterious Galaxy
Tattered Cover

The Red — Now Available!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

The Red - Saga EditionThe Saga Press edition is finally here!

If you’ve visited my blog before, you probably know that The Red: First Light was originally published in 2013 through my own company, Mythic Island Press LLC. It was my first science fiction novel in ten years, and became the first self-published novel to be nominated for a Nebula award. Last year I received a nice offer from Joe Monti of Simon & Schuster’s Saga Press for rights to The Red: First Light, along with two sequels. Once that contract was signed, I withdrew my own edition from the market, and the novel has been unavailable since then.

But not anymore!

As of today, The Red is on the market again. This time it’s available in hardcover, mass market paperback, and ebook editions, all from Saga Press, and in audiobook format from Audible. The audiobook will be available both in the United States and the United Kingdom. A special note for the UK: the ebook edition will be out shortly, published by Mythic Island Press LLC.

So go get it! The Red is available online, and if things have gone well you should be able to find it in bookstores too. If you do see copies out in the world, I’d love it if you let me know — or post pictures! I’m curious to see what kind of distribution it gets.

Publishers Weekly has included The Red on their list “Best Summer Books 2015.” But if you’re still not sure — maybe you don’t think you’d like military fiction — go visit Amazon. They’ve got the first seventy pages available to read online. That’s enough to let you know if this book is for you. I hope it is. I hope you enjoy it.

And thank you! … for your support and your patience. Readers are awesome.

Find The Red online at these vendors:

Amazon USA

Barnes & Noble

Powell’s Books

Mysterious Galaxy

Tattered Cover


First Sighting

Monday, June 29th, 2015

It was just past 6pm here in Hawaii, but on the East Coast of the United States, it was midnight…and I received this tweet from @radix42.

Yes, it does!

The Red is finally back!

Going Dark

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Going Dark - Book 3 of The Red TrilogyGoing Dark. No that’s NOT my planned career path. It’s the title of the final novel in The Red Trilogy, with another amazing cover by Larry Rostant — and Going Dark is well on its way to publication.

My first drafts tend to be pretty solid, but my initial ideas for a new novel are not. I was reminded of this when I was reading an email I’d written last year, when Going Dark was just getting started. The direction I had in mind for the book at that time changed radically as I worked my way past the opening, and the story is a lot better for it.

Right now I’ve got editorial notes on Going Dark from Joe Monti, my editor at Saga Press, and for the past few days I’ve been working on final revisions. I’m happy to say, the requested changes and additions are fairly minor. But it’s always the case in this process that as I get close to the final-final updates, I’m amazed at the difference even small changes can make. The final polish of a novel is always exciting.

I haven’t yet posted a back cover description for Going Dark, because that needs work. But here’s the tagline:

“No Real Allies, No Fixed Enemies, No Certain Battlefields”

Sound exciting? I hope so!

The Red Trilogy has been a big project. Though I’d written ten prior novels, this is my first real trilogy — not that I planned it that way. It just sort of happened — and now it’s nearly done. For me, anyway! I hope not for you. As the books are published, I hope you’ll come along for the ride. All three books are due out this year. Here are the dates:

The Red — June 30

The Trials — August 18

Going Dark — November 3

Yes, you can preorder!

If you read the books, if you like them, I hope you’ll let other people know. Buzz matters.

And if you’d like to get a look at the opening scene of the first novel, find it here on my website.

Okay, back to those revisions…

Publishers Weekly
Best Summer Books 2015

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

The Red - Saga EditionThis is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime honor, so I’ll note it here: The Red is on Publishers Weekly list of “Best Summer Books 2015 (SF/ Fantasy/ Horror).”

Publishers Weekly is an industry magazine important to book buyers at stores and libraries, so fingers crossed that this will help sales when the Saga Press edition is released June 30.

A RED Thriller

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

The ARCs are here!

ARCs, or Advance Reader/Reviewer Copies, are early versions of an upcoming book that get sent out a few months ahead of publication to reviewers, and to other writers or well-known people who might offer a quote that will help publicize the book.

The ARCs for The Red went out a couple weeks ago, but my copies arrived late yesterday.

There will be a simultaneous hardcover edition, but the copy I have is an “oversized” paperback — the sort commonly seen for political thrillers. So with luck, this Red Thriller should fit right in.

The Red ARCs

The Saga Press edition of The Red releases in June. You can read more about it here.