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Skye Object 3270a – Now Available

June 10th, 2007

Thanks again for all the input on what to do with my young-adult novel Skye Object 3270a. After considerable thought, and looking at the rather long timeline for revising The Wild and getting it into print, I’ve decided to go back to my initial plan of charging a small amount for this e-book edition of Skye Object 3270a.

So I am happy to announce that Skye Object 3270a is now available at my publishing website, priced at $5 for the PDF file.

So what’s it about? It’s a young-adult novel, aimed at an advanced middle school audience. Those of you familiar with my work will recognize the setting from the Deception Well story world, but Skye Object 3270a is otherwise independent of that book and its characters. It’s high action science fiction designed to be fun, exciting, and maybe a little scary. If you are fortunate enough to know avid young readers, why not buy them a copy?

Preview the first chapter here.

Click here to purchase the download.

Posted on: Sunday, June 10th, 2007 at 6:39 pm
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10 Responses to “Skye Object 3270a – Now Available”

  1. phil massebeau Says:

    Thanks Linda for something new. I still want to see you on the silver screen, let me talk to my friends.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Phil — sure, it would be fantastic if you could stir up some interest in my books. I would love to see something happen. And thanks for ordering the books as well!

  3. Andrew Holmberg Says:

    Thank you!

  4. Andrew Holmberg Says:

    I just finished this last night. Gosh I love reading your work. I started descriping the story to some co-workers and I started getting an anxiety flutter because I wanted so badly to convey how great you are. (I don’t have the feeling very often and it sure made my day 🙂 I just wish I hadn’t taken so long to start.

    With all of the recent (past 10 years) advancements in nanotechnology, do you think you’ll ever be inspired to explore this storyverse further?

    Your fan,


  5. Linda Says:

    Thanks Andrew! I am very glad to know you enjoyed Skye Object. I’ve gotten essentially no feedback on it, so your comments are especially welcome. (Of course the absence of comment also speaks volumes. Sigh.)

    “Never say never” — but for now I don’t have any plans to return to this story world. My interests have shifted, and for now anyway, I prefer to focus on other things. This is the silver-lining of not succeeding in the marketplace — since I’m not making any money anyway, I am perfectly free to turn to whatever I want.

    So, onward! For the first time in eight or nine months I am actually back to writing.

  6. Andrew Holmberg Says:


    I really enjoy how you explore characters become more mature. That transition from youth and inexperience to understand and acceptance. With Skye, Lot and Urban (yes, I’m re-reading Vast) finding their own identities. Especially the opening with Skye where we’re learning all of this stuff about her and watching her deal with boys, friends, her past, and herself all at the same time. Very kinetic.
    There were some YA moments in how you approached or explained things but those flowed really well, and that setting, if you haven’t read anything else, has some big ideas that need explaining.

    I wish you joy with your writing, and I hope to read about Hahvi some day. =)


  7. phil massebeau Says:

    Linda, I love everything you do, I’m sorry if I didn’t say so. I love the nano novels the best but your fantasies are great too. I’m glad you are writing again and you shouldn’t worry so much about what. Hang in there, your day is coming.

  8. Linda Says:

    Thanks again, Andrew! There have only been two books that I have really had fun writing (most of them involved a lot of agony!) but Skye Object was one. I would have really enjoyed doing more with the characters. Alas!

  9. Linda Says:

    Thank you Phil! I really do appreciate the encouragement. I know I need to do more to promote my writing. I keep thinking of a passage from Greg Egan’s novel PERMUTATION CITY (from long ago). Just grossly paraphrasing here, but it was something along the lines of “A sip of enthusiasm and he could get started on the day.” I always wished I had that sort of draught to start the day.

  10. Khaled Says:

    Are you writing? I don’t see any new writing acitvity on your site!