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August 22nd, 2012

* Amazon now sells ebooks directly in India, but the terms to the writer/publisher are much better if you buy from Book View Café

* I offer print-on-demand versions of eight books. The other day a reader was surprised to discover on receipt that these are not “mass market” paperbacks, not the small “pocket books” that used to be so common. Instead, they are the larger “trade” paperbacks, 5.5 x 8.5 inches–basically the size of a hardcover. Just wanted to clarify that for anyone wondering at the cost.

* Kobo took over fifteen days to publish the first ebook I uploaded to their store. (Uploaded July 20; published August 5.) The second book, uploaded a few days ago, was published within an hour or two. The third book, uploaded yesterday, has still not published. I realize it’s a new system. Hopefully, consistency will come with time.

Update: The Bohr Maker went live on Kobo sometime overnight, and is available for purchase as of August 23.

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