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Whining On Twitter Can Pay Off

August 25th, 2012
Whining on twitter can pay off

Posted on: Saturday, August 25th, 2012 at 6:12 pm
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3 Responses to “Whining On Twitter Can Pay Off”

  1. Ted Lemon Says:

    Secret facilities rule!

    There’s a hotel in Bonn, along the Rhine, that has millions of gallons of water stored underneath, which is used as a heat sink to store air conditioning energy in the summer so that it can be used for heating in the winter.

    It’s quite likely that there’s an entire secure compound down there with hydroponics and artificial sunlight, so that the supervillain in the story can keep her activities secret.

  2. Glen Kilpatrick Says:

    You may have already been fictionally scooped on the SSC, Linda.

    One of the best alien monsters I’ve ever read came from John Cramer’s _Einstein’s Bridge_. I don’t want to give anything away, will just say that the functioning SSC was the scene of much of the action, its scientific success central to the story, and its funding failure an important pulpit for the author (that these seem contradictory…, I hope whets appetites to read :).

  3. Linda Says:

    @Ted: That sounds like an accomplished villain. My story doesn’t assign all that much competence to either side. 😉

    @Glen: Vonda sent me straight to John Cramer’s essays on the SSC! My needs though, are much more small scale–and no non-human monsters.