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Writing Goals for 2011

January 1st, 2011

1. Publish my indie novel, The Wild, in both print and ebook versions, and PROMOTE!

2. Complete a draft of a new novel,

3. Release ebook versions of Limit of Vision and Memory.

4. Release print-on-demand versions of Tech-Heaven, The Bohr Maker, Deception Well, Vast, Limit of Vision, Memory, and my YA novel Skye Object 3270a.

5. Finalize and market my first screenplay.

6. Write a second screenplay.

7. Keep up with this blog

8. Meet lots of great people in the reading and writing communities!

That doesn’t sound too hard, does it? Hmm, except that part about promotion. That’s always the trick isn’t it?

Remind me to check back here next year to see how well I did.

And how about you? What are your reading or writing goals for 2011? Do share! I’d love to hear from you. And best wishes for 2011!

Posted on: Saturday, January 1st, 2011 at 10:52 am
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4 Responses to “Writing Goals for 2011”

  1. MP Says:

    Happy New Year! Awesome goals, that screenplay bit looks especially challenging, but also fun.

    My goals? Becoming an agented, published author comes first! Haven’t thought about much else in the writing regard. Maybe start another WIP? I have the hardest time starting something new and tearing myself away from my current project, even if it is on query.

    And of course there’s the obligatory weight loss wish. 🙂

  2. Linda Says:

    Yes! Start another WIP. Even if it’s hard to get into, it’ll be worth the effort, and you’ll have a better perspective on the piece already at market when the inevitable revision comes around–hopefully at an editor’s direction! Best of luck with your goals in 2011.

  3. Glen Kilpatrick Says:

    I’m discovering that my forte seems to be as essayist. So my goal for 2011 is to write a piece that in the 22nd Century will be bowdlerized by some fringe group.

  4. Linda Says:

    A worthy goal indeed! Best of luck with it! 🙂