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The Last Good Man:
Read the opening chapter!

May 5th, 2017

Or should I say, “Read the opening chapter and preorder!”

Yes, yes, I’m pushing this book AND I’m pushing preorders. I’ll be blunt and say that I’ve come to see this as a do-or-die novel for me. (See my “On Promotion” post.) Either New York publishing was right in deciding that my work cannot earn a reasonable return on the investment, or they made a big mistake when they gave me the opportunity to publish The Last Good Man on my own. All of you, the readers (the potential readers), get to decide which it is.

Do you want to talk numbers? We can. So far — five days after preorder links went up — I’ve pre-sold thirty-one ebook copies. Thank you, THANK YOU, to everyone who has preordered.

Can I persuade more of you to do so?

Visit this page to see what early readers have said about the story and then scroll down to read the opening chapter.

Does The Last Good Man strike you as a story that would appeal to you? If so, please consider a preorder. And please mention The Last Good Man to your reading friends.

Thank you.

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4 Responses to “The Last Good Man:
Read the opening chapter!”

  1. James Kemp Says:

    I’m interested in a pre-order of a paperback when it’s available in the UK. I can’t quite make out how to do that from the page though.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi James. The paperback is a little more complicated, unfortunately. I’m hoping you’ll be able to preorder it through your local bookstore in a week or so. Otherwise it will be available to purchase through Amazon/Createspace on the publication date.

    Thanks for checking!

  3. Jim Billings Says:

    Just finished Going Dark. Thank you for this marvelous trilogy!
    Enjoyed it from start to finish and now looking forward to reading your other works. Have recommended the trilogy to others who are interested in this genre of fiction. Keep up the great work!


  4. Linda Says:

    Jim, thanks so much for letting me know you enjoyed the trilogy! Your comment made my day. And thanks also for spreading the word. That’s the best sort of advertising in this business. I appreciate it.