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Tracking Preorders – June 9

June 9th, 2017

To review for those new to my blog, I’m publicly tracking preorders on my forthcoming novel The Last Good Man. The novel has already earned a Publishers Weekly starred review, and several glowing endorsements from other writers. But it’s a crowded marketplace…

My goal is a modest 500 preorders before the June 20 publication date — only eleven days away! This is the first week print preorders have shown up. Only 36 so far, but it’s a start. Thank you to everyone who ordered. This number has been included in the total below.

Date Total Preorders Events
May 5 31 Social media announcement of preorder links
May 12 84 Email to 1800+ newsletter subscribers**
May 19 164 New review by Michael Patrick Hicks
• probable inclusion in targeted Amazon emails
May 26 225 New review at Barnes & Noble blog
June 2 285 • Email to 525 newsletter subscribers(++)
• Included in a list of summer reads at Kirkus
• Included in a list of summer reads at The Verge
• Included on 3rd pg of “NOOK Press Presents”
June 9 377 Includes some print preorders
June 16

++ The 525 newsletter subscribers are a separate list, newly signed up via a recent promotion. It should be assumed that most are unfamiliar with my work.

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**Around 350 subscribers have been long-time subscribers. The others are mostly new to my work, having signed on during recent promotional events. Only 39% of emails sent track as having been opened.

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