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Book Giveaway: German translation of The Red

July 3rd, 2017

Do you read in German?
I have four three extra copies of the German translation of The Red that I’d like to give away to readers who can appreciate them. The translation is by Helga Parmiter and was shortlisted for Best SF translation 2016 for the German equivalent of the Nebula awards.

The catch is, I will ask you to pay Priority Mail postage (via PayPal) to wherever you want the book sent. That’s $7.20 in the USA for the padded flat-rate envelope, $6.65 for the cardboard envelope. Much higher prices outside of America, sadly.

I will sign and date the books!

If interested, email me: linda at mythicisland dot com

Check back for more books!
I am determined to clear off some shelves, so if you’re interested in signed copies of some of my older titles, check back here. In the coming weeks and months I’ll be offering some HIGHLY discounted print titles along with a few more giveaways.

English-language too! 😉

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