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Kula Shofukuji Obon Festival

August 7th, 2011

According to Wikipedia…

Obon (お盆?) or just Bon (盆?) is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the departed (deceased) spirits of one’s ancestors.

Kula Shofukuji Obon - 2011

On Maui the season of “Bon Dances” runs from late June through the first week of August. As the weeks pass, the festival moves from church to church, ending at the Buddhist church in my district of Kula. It’s a community festival, fun and upbeat, open and welcoming to everyone. We like to check in most years.

Services are held early. The cemetery is decorated with lanterns, and incense is provided at the shrines. The dance begins at nightfall, and there’s always a packed audience and lots of participants, some in full traditional dress, and some in street clothes. The music is recorded, but the taiko drumming is live, which makes all the difference.

Oh yes, the food is good too. It’s sold as a fundraiser, so we generally come home with a full bag of chow fun and extras.

Photos were taken tonight, August 6, and the weather was perfect.

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