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My Blog is a Trap for Unwary Googlers

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

It’s Sunday, so I get to amuse myself. What follows is a list of “search engine terms” that people used to get to my blog over the past week. If you had to guess my occupation from this list, what would your guess be?

Sex Objects

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

My how things change.

If you’re following the evolution of self-publishing, or if you’re into romance novels–or maybe it’s erotica?–you’re probably familiar with the latest “hot” book cover. There are subtle variations of course, but the basic idea is to display a man’s unclothed and well-developed chest. He is only seen from neck to waist. There is no head, no face, no personality. ***He’s a pure sex object–assuming you find anonymity attractive.

According to Wikipedia “Objectification is an attitude that regards a person as a commodity or as an object for use, with insufficient regard for a person’s personality or sentience.”

I grew up in the seventies when women were frequently and emphatically speaking out against sexual objectification. From what I remember, if you’d tried something like that with a woman–we’ll allow her a bikini top, but otherwise let’s imagine her featured on a book cover, shown only from neck to waist, her large breasts well-exposed, and no head showing, no face, no personality–well, I can hear the outcry ringing down through the decades.

I still don’t see women “featured” like this, but there are many such covers objectifying men. Having grown up in the seventies I personally find it rather embarrassing, not for the sexual connotations, but for the de-personalization. The cover type is so common though, I can only assume these books sell quite well.

*** I link to this particular book only because it happened to show up in my facebook feed today. And the cover certainly caught my eye!

A Paragon of Efficiency

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

1. Sit down at laptop, ready to work.

2. Realize mouse is still upstairs. Go get it.

3. While upstairs, check email on desktop; process some photos; look for a file; realize file is on laptop.

4. Go downstairs to get file from laptop.

5. Realize mouse is still upstairs. Go get it.


Saturday, June 4th, 2011

I use a heart rate monitor while exercising. It consists of a strap around the chest and a wristband to provide the read out. The wrist unit is like a regular digital watch, with the additional ability to detect the heart rate data–at least until the battery dies.

I found myself faced with doing battery microsurgery.

Step 1: take it apart

But would it ever work again??

Step 2: determine battery type; determine I don’t have that type. Send husband to buy it.

Step 3: Using tweezers, tiny screw driver, and reading glasses, put it back together.

Hrmmm…most discouraging:

Step 4: Analysis

Well, actually, the clips on the battery holder don’t seem to fit very well, er, maybe the battery is upside down?

Repeat steps 1 and 3.

My heart beats in victory!

Yes, I know I should be writing. Off to do that now. Really.

I Haz Gurl Gloves

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Yes, I do hold onto things way too long. The last time I bought gloves for weightlifting, I don’t think there were girl gloves. This time I had three(!) choices, so naturally I bought the ones with pink trim.

Time to say goodbye to the old veterans, but they’ve been good to me.

Valentine’s Day & The US Army

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

The importance of Valentine’s Day has definitely gone up in our family.

One year ago my daughter, Dallas–she’s a professional photographer–started a photo-a-day project. Here’s Day 1, February 14, 2010:

Today, he brought me red roses and coffee, then made me breakfast. Later, he left for Afghanistan. He'll be back next year.

When Dallas was nineteen or twenty she infamously proclaimed she would never date a man in the military because she couldn’t handle the deployments. One should not tempt fate.

In December 2009 she met Edward White. From the first night, she knew he’d be shipping out come February. They had a two-month whirlwind affair anyway, and then he was gone.

But with Skype, chat, and text messaging they were together in some sense almost every day.

They were married in July when Ed came home on leave. He had two-and-a-half weeks with his bride before heading back to duty.

Now we’ve come full circle. This is the last post in my daughter’s photo journal, Day 366, February 14, 2011:

Today, I spent the morning doing last minute errands and prepping for dinner. Later, I went to Ft. Shafter and welcomed Ed home. ♥

How the US Army arranged for two such momentous occasions to occur on Valentine’s Day is a question for the mystics. We’re just overjoyed to have Ed back. This couple has paid some dues and earned their honeymoon!

And for all the other military families out there waiting for loved ones to return from overseas, we wish you the best.

Just wondering…

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

I was at, looking at the search results that come up for the Kindle store when my name is searched. (Not ego surfing! Business!) At the bottom of the page I saw the following ad:

Naturally I wondered who was using my name as a sponsored link.

I clicked to open the link in a new tab. This is what I saw:

Okay, so this textbook was written by another Linda Nagata! So I went back to Amazon and pulled up the page for the textbook and this is what I saw:

Notice there is no author name of “Linda Nagata” attached to this book. But there is an author name “Linda Webb”–which just happens to be my maiden name, but which I have never used as a pen name. Coincidence? I sure hope so, because otherwise this is creeping me out.

I don’t mention this here out of vanity or because I’m impressed that my name is well known for selling stuff (quite the contrary, I assure you!) but because it’s just so weird. Explain? Please?

How to Send a Fax

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

1. Go to Beloved Husband’s office, crawl under desk and disconnect the HP All-In-One. (Luckily BH is not home.)

2. Haul HP All-In-One through two rooms to the nearest phone line.

3. Disconnect phone. Connect HP All-In-One.

4. Return to BH’s office. Search for manual on how-to-send-fax. No manual.

5. Go upstairs to own computer. Look for manual online. Print appropriate pages.

6. Go downstairs. Run fax test. Okay.

7. Send fax. Both pages feed through at same time. FAX-FAIL.

8. Try again. Line Busy.

9. Try again. Transmission fail. Repeat steps 8 & 9 three times. FAX-FAIL.

10. Go upstairs. Email fax recipient: May I scan the document and email it? Answer, “Yes.” SCAN-SUCCESS.

11. Haul HP All-In-One back to BH’s office. Crawl under desk and reconnect it.

Note to self: ASK FIRST if a scan is acceptable.

Total Eclipse? Bah Humbug!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

There was a total eclipse of the moon last night. I didn’t see it. Clouds, drizzly rain, that sort of thing, got in the way. I did get a glimpse of the partially eclipsed crescent a bit later, but that was through heavy clouds.

Several years ago there was another total lunar eclipse in our region, but it was the same thing for me: clouds, rain. I have never seen the red moon.

Worse yet, maybe fifteen years ago there was a total solar eclipse visible from Hawaii. This was a very strange event. The day before was brilliantly sunny. The day after was brilliantly sunny. The day of was cloudy, rainy. Where I live we even had an unseasonable fog.

So I don’t get too excited when I hear about an upcoming eclipse. Maybe I’ll see one someday, but I think the odds are better if I bet on bad weather!

But not everyone has my bad luck. Here’s a link to a photo taken by my daughter in Honolulu: This is her second red moon.

And a couple of other interesting shots:

Red moon in clouds

Moonlight returning

Astronomy People: What Did I see?

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

While taking the dog out for her nightly last night I noticed a “star” madly twinkling, fairly low in the west. It seemed almost to be changing colors, flickering between red and a greenish-white. I watched it for a minute or two, thinking it must be a distant aircraft flying directly away from me, but no, it didn’t go away. Intrigued, I got out my 10×25 field binoculars. They showed what looked like a red point of light flickering around a greenish-white point—very hard to distinguish though, given they were hand-held.

My best guess is I saw a star or planet in near alignment with a more distant star, and the flickering was a result of refraction as it sank lower behind the humid atmosphere. But I’m not good at reading star charts and would appreciate further thoughts.

This was between 10pm and 10:30pm HST, August 18. Approx lat/long 20.90 156.43