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Hardcover Edition of Memory

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Setting aside any other issues I might have with Tor Publishing, they do know how to put together a beautiful hardcover book. I’m not including the cover image in my praise because that’s an entirely different issue. But the books themselves, separate from the dust jacket, are lovely, sensual examples of the book binder’s art, perfectly sized, opening easily, with the text artfully laid out, and all on acid-free paper so they will presumably age well.

And as it turns out, by some fluke I have a significant stock of the hard cover edition of Memory, originally published by Tor and now officially out-of-print.

After Vast, Memory is my favorite of my books thus far published, and I think it’s also the most accessible for readers who are new to science fiction.

So if you’re looking for a literary Christmas present this year, how about a signed, hardcover edition of Memory? Cost is $25, which includes shipping in the USA.

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Adventure Stories: Cold Magic

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Kate Elliott writes adventure stories. That’s what I’m in the business for, they’re what I most enjoy reading, and I’m happy to say I’ve enjoyed all ten volumes I’ve read by her since I first picked up King’s Dragon last year. No, wait–Cold Magic makes eleven.

I’m a lousy book reviewer so I’m not going to bother sketching the plot (and such summaries can easily be found elsewhere on the web). Just know that this book is a great read, with entertaining characters in a fascinating and detailed story world.

I have a couple measures of how involving a book is to read. One is obvious: how much sleep do I lose by reading much too late into the night? I had several late nights with Cold Magic.

The other, I suspect, is my own personal quirk. I insist on reading a story in the proper order. So when a fast-paced story starts to get really exciting and my eyes are tempted to leap ahead, I slap my hand down on the page so I can only see the next line, and then the next, and then the next. (Yes, I really do this.) I’m happy to say I was forced to this extreme several times in Cold Magic.

I do have one complaint though. Since I came in late, I’ve been able to consume entire Kate Elliott series at a time, but now I will have to wait for the next volume. Cruel fate!