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The Nebula Dress

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

As mentioned in my brief report on the Nebula Awards Weekend, I wanted to post a picture of the dress I wore to the banquet, so here it is at last.

After some consideration, I decided my husband and I would represent our home state and go “Hawaiian-style.” He wore a quietly tasteful aloha shirt, and I wore a dress from Iolani Sportswear, that just happened to be red. (Get it? The Red…?) 😉

Iolani Sportswear has a wonderful store in Honolulu that’s located in the same building as their factory. They have a wide range of gorgeous dresses and some aloha shirts. I included a link to their website above, but there is a lot more to see at the store. Highly recommended if you’re shopping for aloha attire.

Linda Nagata in Iolani Sportswear dress worn to 2014 Nebula Banquet
Photo © Ronald J. Nagata

Post-Nebula Report

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

I have now attended my first Nebula weekend, and I’m happy to report that it was a lot of fun. No, I didn’t win best novel, but then I didn’t expect to, so I wasn’t even nervous.

The winner of the novel category was announced last. As the time approached, I began to realize I would be in an awkward position if by some strange fluke I did win, because I had no acceptance speech prepared. Nothing. Nyet. Nada. Turned out not to be a problem, of course. 😛

Other activities included an interview and photo session, a panel on how science is changing science fiction, a SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America) business meeting (also a first for me), lunch and bar time with other writers, and introducing my husband to those who had never met him.

I haven’t attended a gathering of SFF writers since the nineties. I don’t really do well in crowds, and I have an absolutely horrible memory for faces, but this gathering was small enough that all went well and I am encouraged. I’m sure there will be more conventions in my future.

I wanted to post a photo of the dress I wore to the banquet, but it turns out I don’t have a photo… alas. My husband probably does, but he’s not home right now, so that will have to wait.