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Imminent Release + Review Roundup

Monday, June 19th, 2017


That’s right! The ebook edition of The Last Good Man releases at midnight tonight — midnight wherever you are … I think? The print edition is already on sale at Amazon, and soon will be at other vendors — and of course you can still preorder it.

In the meantime, some new reviews have appeared:

Sharon Browning writes for the review site LitStack. I blush to quote it, but she says, “The Last Good Man excels on so many different levels, there is simply no reason for you not to go out and experience it, regardless of your reading preferences. Honestly, it’s that good.” Read the review here.

“Reading Over The Shoulder” is a review blog with a unique setup. It’s structured in the form of series of letters between two brothers currently living thousands of miles apart. Robert is the elder brother. He describes The Last Good Man as “a unique experience in all the right ways and I definitely recommend this book. Not much left to say, so go out there and get it!” Read the full review here.

Dolly runs the review blog “Just Talking About Books” where she and associate reviewer Marta cover many genres. Read Dolly’s review of The Last Good Man here. She says it’s “Highly Recommended.”