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The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2014 Edition

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Cover for The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2014, edited by Rich HortonRich Horton is the editor of The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy. The 2013 edition included my Analog story “Nahiku West.” I’m very pleased to announce that “Out In The Dark,” a sequel to “Nahiku West,” will be included in the 2014 edition.

“Out In The Dark” is just one of thirty-five stories. Visit SF Signal for the full table of contents.

New Story — “Out In The Dark”

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Analog Science Fiction & Fact, June 2013The June issue of Analog is now available. It includes my Nanotech Succession short story “Out In The Dark”–the second story featuring Zeke Choy.

The original story in this sequence was “Nahiku West,” first published in the October 2012 issue of Analog and now available in the ebook Two Stories. The sequence explores the early life of Zeke Choy, a minor character in my novel The Bohr Maker.

The ebook version of Analog is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Analog is also available in a print version.

A Second Zeke Choy Story

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
Nahiku West by Linda Nagata “Nahiku West” — a 9,000 word novelette, originally published in Analog and now available as an ebook at Book View Cafe.

Long ago — actually last spring — I wrote a companion story to last summer’s novelette “Nahiku West.” It’s called “Out In The Dark” and it’s the second story featuring the reluctant Commonwealth police officer, Zeke Choy**.

Since “Nahiku West” was published in Analog, I sent the second story there as well and waited the summer to hear back on it. Three months passed, and I was just about to inquire on its status when Stan Schmidt, long-time Analog editor, announced his immediate retirement — and I knew the waiting wasn’t over yet.

I did eventually receive good news. Analog’s new editor, Trevor Quachri, will be publishing “Out In The Dark” in a future edition, date to be determined.

And now, I must get busy writing more short stories! I want to do at least one or two more featuring Zeke Choy, as well as striking out in some new directions.

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**Zeke was a minor character in my novel The Bohr Maker, and his stories take place in The Nanotech Succession story world.