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November 15th, 2016

I finally got a new dog. I was a dog owner for most of my life, but I’ve gone without since my last one died at least six years ago. I’ve been casually looking around for a new dog for a couple of years, and this past weekend I finally took the plunge — even though I wasn’t entirely sure it was the right decision. Wow, was I nervous! It seems that the older I get, the more problems I have with commitment. But on Sunday I brought home a Pomeranian puppy. This will be the smallest dog I’ve ever owned, by far.

Her name is Xena-Rose. She earned the name of a warrior princess after dragging her carrier across the floor.

The settling-in process has been chaotic, but I think we’re starting to figure each other out. I even got some work done today!


Posted on: Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 at 4:36 pm
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3 Responses to “Xena-Rose”

  1. Clyde Says:

    Oh my. Too cute for words.

  2. Patricia Burroughs aka Pooks Says:

    Please tell me more about Xena Rose. Everything. Where and how you found her or she found you. How old she is. Her size. Everything.

    I had a chihuahua as a child and through the early years of my marriage. Never had another small dog until now, when a chihuahua demanded my attention at the shelter by simply standing still, alert, ears and tail high, watching everybody who walked by. No shivering. No barking. Just watching. And I passed her several times because I knew what I wanted and it wasn’t a chihuahua.

    We had forgotten how much fun, laughter and delight a small dog brings into the home. And they stay puppies forever.

  3. Linda Says:

    Hi Pooks! I got her in Honolulu, via Petland Kahala, a pet store that sponsors “Puppy Swap Meets.” They have days set aside for breeders who meet certain conditions to bring in puppies to sell, with the deal being made directly between breeder and buyer. Since I happened to be in town that day, my daughter insisted we go look. Xena Rose was there along with her brother. There was also another, much smaller, “micro” pom from another breeder. I didn’t want one of those! Xena Rose is 2.7 pounds now, and the breeder thinks she will get to eight or nine pounds. The bigger the better, so far as I’m concerned, just as long as she’s not fat! One reason I hesitated over poms is that they seemed too small to me. Anyway, she was sweet and quiet in the store. In the few days since, she is still sweet but extremely energetic and amazingly athletic. If I get inspired, I might have to try her in agility. Oh, and her favorite sport is attacking feet, and making herself a trip hazard! 🙂