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Light And Shadow: eight short stories

November 30th, 2016

Light And Shadow by Linda NagataBack in January, I posted a list of writing goals for 2016. One of those goals was to publish a second short story collection — and here it is: Light And Shadow: eight short stories.

The collection includes all my short fiction published since 2012, with the exception of the two “Zeke Choy” stories from the Nanotech Succession story world.

Here’s the list of included stories:

Through Your Eyes (Asimov’s 2013)
Halfway Home (Nightmare Magazine 2013)
Codename: Delphi (Lightspeed Magazine 2014)
Attitude (Reach For Infinity 2014)
A Moment Before It Struck (Lightspeed Magazine 2012)
Light and Shadow (War Stories 2014)
Nightside On Callisto (Lightspeed Magazine 2012)
The Way Home (Operation Arcana 2015)

It’s likely that those of you who regularly visit this blog have already read most of these stories, and if you haven’t, I want to let you know that most of them are available to read online. If you’d rather approach them that way, visit my website for links.

On the other hand, an ebook is vastly more convenient, this one contains short introductory notes with each story, and sales of this ebook could give a small but meaningful boost to my rather paltry career.

Further persuasion: I’ll add that half of these stories have appeared in various best-of-the-year anthologies.

So…buy an ebook! And tell your friends! I don’t expect this collection to be a big seller, but I’m hoping it can serve as an introduction to my work, for those vast numbers of readers who have never encountered my stories or novels before.

Here are some vendor links. The first link is to my webstore, which uses PayPal to checkout:

Mythic Island Press LLC USA UK
Kobo Books (International)
Barnes & Noble

Okay, back to writing.

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5 Responses to “Light And Shadow: eight short stories”

  1. Anzan Hoshin Says:

    Just purchased from Kobo.

  2. Linda Says:

    Thank you, Anzan. I hope you enjoy the stories.

  3. Phil Friel Says:

    Hi Linda, long time no speak.

    I’ve just bought this one from Mythic Island Press. Here’s looking forward to reading these stories when I get a bit of free time. Are you planning a Zeke Choy/Nanotech Succession short fiction collection somewhere down the line, as the two Zeke Choy stories aren’t in this collection?

    Just wondering if any of these ebooks will ever become available in paperback or hardback format? I’ve got some of your books from way back, and many of the others more recently as ebooks, but I’d really like to get ahold of everything on your list in physical book format, so I can stick them on my bookcase and admire them, while using the ebooks as the readers. 🙂

    I’d really love to get the Nanotech Succession Omnibus in HB/PB, despite already owning all of the individual books in various formats. A signed copy from you would be a dream. 🙂

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Phil, welcome back! You should check in more often. 🙂

    A Zeke Choy collection has been on my agenda for the past few years. I’m determined to do it, hopefully soon. (Of course, I keep saying that.)

    Most of my books are available in print editions. Limit of Vision is an exception, though I’ve still got a fair number of the Tor hardcover edition if anyone wants to buy one. If you take a look at the front page of my website, you’ll see links to the print editions, if those editions exist.

    I’m pretty sure the Omnibus is just too long to be a print edition. It would be well over 400,000 words. Is that even possible? I don’t know… 🙂

  5. Phil Friel Says:

    Hi Linda! Yeah, I definitely should check in more often.

    Real Life is just so busy, and I’ve spread myself so thin online, so many websites, forums, blogs, Facebook, etc, that it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with them all. So sometimes I just lose interest and drop out for a bit until the enthusiasm comes back again and I return with a vengeance for another while. I tend to drift off sometimes for long periods, but I always come back again at some point. At least I’ve now subscribed to your blog, so I’ll receive any news as you put it out. My email is the one thing that I check every day.

    Looking forward to that Zeke Choi collection, so keep on your toes with that one. 🙂 I think I’ll start picking up those paperback editions of your books from Amazon UK, and I certainly would love to get a signed edition of the Tor hardcover Limit of Vision from you, although it would be international shipping to the UK (which I have no problem paying extra for), so you’d have to check on that.

    I suppose you’re right about the print edition of the Nanotech Succession Omnibus being too long to be feasible, although I have seen books out there longer than 400,000 words. Still, as I’d have the individual editions, it’s a moot point anyway, although the Omnibus would’ve been great for reading on the Kindle (except I already have the individual Kindle volumes).

    Anyway, here’s looking forward to reading Light and Shadow, as well as the release of the print edition, whenever that might be.