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Next . . . yoga?

August 9th, 2012

So apparently I need to do yoga. I have a bum shoulder. I’ve been favoring it in the gym for a long time now, and have gradually decided that stretching helps, particularly hanging from my arms with less than my full weight.

Well, I just ran across a video “Workout Tips from Miss Hawaii 2012 Skyler Kamaka: Child’s Pose & T-spine Rotation.”

Me, watching the video: “Heh. That looks easy. I’ll try it.”

Me during the child’s pose: “Geez, the child’s pose hurts.”

Me during the t-spine rotation: “Look up? Good heavens, I can’t even look sideways…but I used to be able to bend like that….”

Me after reality hits: “I guess I need to do yoga.”

I look like I’m in great shape. Just don’t ask me to reach back and touch between my shoulder blades.

Posted on: Thursday, August 9th, 2012 at 6:35 pm
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4 Responses to “Next . . . yoga?”

  1. Dallas Says:

    Ed and I intend to start yoga as soon as he gets his work schedule settled. There’s even a Bikram yoga place down the street from us if we wanted to get really crazy.

  2. Ted Lemon Says:

    Yoga is hard work, but definitely helps with flexibility. Bikram is a little scary—some people really swear by it, but you can injure yourself because the heat loosens you up and lets you do things that might be too extreme. The main thing with yoga is to find a version that you can do regularly; if you do it once a week you will just hurt yourself. The hardest part of yoga is doing the third practice session in three days, because that’s when you’re really feeling the first day. If you can push through that, you’re set.

  3. Linda Says:

    I really don’t like stretching, and I suspect it’s easy to over-do, so this is going to be a challenge.

  4. Max Kaehn Says:

    I sweat enough during yoga that I find myself slipping on the mat when I try to do something as simple as downward dog; I’ve tried a couple of brands of yoga gloves and socks that provide extra traction, and the Gaiam ones seem to be pretty good.