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Global Selfie?!

April 17th, 2014

This sounds kind of fun and interesting. NASA is asking everyone, everywhere, to participate in #GlobalSelfie with NASA on Earth Day.

They’d like people to take a selfie, with friends or by yourself. Here’s the gist: “Tell us where you are in a sign, words written in the sand, spelled out with rocks — or by using the printable signs we’ve created.”

* Ahem *

/commence lecture mode/
As someone who has worked over the years as a volunteer at Haleakala National Park, and who has long been married to the former (now retired) chief of resource management at Haleakala, PLEASE DO NOT SPELL OUT YOUR LOCATION WITH ROCKS. And unless you are on a beach, don’t write in the sand either. Messages written in rocks are graffiti. In a natural environment, they are vandalism. And while it may seem harmless to scratch your name in a cinder field, I have seen marks linger in cinder fields for literal years.
/terminate lecture mode/

(Other than that, I think this is a cool project.)

So what are the photos for? The photos “will be used to create a mosaic image of Earth — a new “Blue Marble” built bit by bit with your photos.” That sounds like a fun, inclusive project, reminiscent of the day-in-the-life projects that used to be popular — only BIGGER.

Stop by NASA’s website for more information and to print out NASA’s predesigned sign.

Posted on: Thursday, April 17th, 2014 at 6:00 am
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4 Responses to “Global Selfie?!”

  1. Paul (@princejvstin) Says:

    That is a good caveat, Linda. Thanks.

  2. Linda Says:

    I was pretty surprised NASA made the suggestion! The printed signs though are a great way to go.

  3. Bill Martin Says:

    OK, how do you say that sign in Hawaiian????

  4. Linda Says:

    I had only one semester of Hawaiian language and that was over three decades ago! OTOH, to anyone attending the University of Hawaii, I highly recommend taking at least a semester or two, just to get a clue. More and more people are learning the language, so there will be others to speak to.