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Going Dark is Now Available

November 3rd, 2015




“No Real Allies, No Fixed Enemies, No Certain Battlefields”

Presumed dead by those closest to him and with no intention of setting the record straight, former army Lt. James Shelley is recruited by a black ops outfit devoted to two things: guarding the Earth from existential threats, and the Red.

Operating for almost two years among soldiers who are enhanced, and controlled, just as he is, Shelley believes he’s learned a proper caution in working with the mysterious artificial intelligence—until the Red’s increasingly erratic behavior ignites an accidental war, and launches Shelley on a collision course with his old life.

In the final book of The Red Trilogy, Shelley must choose who—or what—to trust, while struggling to contain an escalating conflict that threatens to plunge the world into chaos, and destroy those he loves.

Some online booksellers (USA):
☆ Amazon
☆ Barnes & Noble
☆ Powell’s Books
☆ Mysterious Galaxy
☆ Tattered Cover

Or get the audio book, narrated by Kevin T. Collins, and available worldwide from Audible:
☆ Audible

Information on the United Kingdom ebook edition is here.

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4 Responses to “Going Dark is Now Available”

  1. Tom Anatin Says:

    Congratulations. Even when you’ve had quite a few books published, it must still be very gratifying to see the latest appear on shelves.

    I haven’t seen it on the shelves myself, because, alas, Powell’s doesn’t have it yet. I went by yesterday, just in case the website was confused, but no. The Trials is still well-stocked on the recent arrivals shelf as well as under your name, and The Red has just showed up on the staff recommendations shelf. Going Dark will be there shortly, I’m sure: this is a good opportunity to practice that patience thing I hear spoken of so highly.

    Again, congratulations.


  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Tom. I noticed that Powell’s had it listed as “out of stock” and I decided to pretend that they’d already sold out of it, LOL. Glad to hear they’re still carrying the other two books. I hope they get GOING DARK in soon, and thanks for checking!

  3. Tom Anatin Says:

    I’m happy to report that Going Dark is now on the shelves at Powell’s downtown store, along with The Red and The Trials.

  4. Linda Says:

    Huzzah! Thanks for checking.