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Two Reviews and a Contest

September 25th, 2017

Before we leave September behind, I wanted to link to two online reviews of The Last Good Man.

Locus is a trade magazine focused on science fiction and fantasy and has been in print for decades. Issues include publishing news, interviews, and reviews. In the September issue — both print and online — Russell Letson reviews The Last Good Man:

Nagata has devised a thinking-reader’s future-military scenario, a highly qualified adventure in which every thrill comes with a realization of what it costs, what it says about the world that enables it, what it means to fight and kill and face death.

Read the full review here.

And at “Nerds of a Feather” (got to love that name), Joe Sherry has posted a mini-review, saying “Nagata’s near future military sci-fi is as good as it gets.” Read the mini-review here.

The Contest
During 2017 I’ve participated in a few promotions run by Sci-Fi Bridge, an author-created group seeking to mutually expand our reader base. Sci-Fi Bridge is sponsoring one more contest that I want to share with you. Sign up for the Sci-Fi Bridge newsletter (and separate author newsletters if you choose to) during the fall giveaway, and be entered to win collections of signed print books among other things. Details are here.

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2 Responses to “Two Reviews and a Contest”

  1. SteveG Says:

    I got to know a author in Oregon who was one of the first I realized was publishing his own novels. Over time, he watched his sales dwindle. I’m sure some of it had to do with marketing his books. I thoroughly enjoyed his work (it reminded me a lot of the stuff Tom Robbins wrote back in the day), but now he no longer writes as far as I know.

    I said that to say I am impressed with both your tenacity and your talent as a writer (I’ve always thought that way, at least the talent part). The Red trilogy and The Last Good Man are incredibly effective, engaging works. I just want to encourage to you realize we’re out here waiting for your next novel. Don’t let the numbers discourage you (Not saying they are, but I can kind of put myself in your place).

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with your tribe.

  2. Linda Says:

    Thanks Steve! The truth is, the numbers are discouraging me. I do appreciate your kind words regarding the books, though! I just wish I could figure out the promotion thing.